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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.3.1: Programs improvements, Release and Iteration capacity, QA area improvements

People capacity for Release/Iteration/TeamIteration

Sometimes it is handy to know person's allocation when you plan Iteration, Team Iteration or Release. Now you can do that. Create a Board, select Person as a lane and specify filter like:

?Iteration is 'Iteration 4.5'


?TeamIteration is Current

In this case you will see User Stories and Bugs from a single Iteration. Find allocation information near every person:

iteration_capacity_by_person 2

Similarly, you can specify filters for Release like

?Release is 'Beta 3'


?Release is Current

Note that People Capacity work for Hours effort units only.

QA Area Improvements

Drag and drop Test Cases on a Test Plans boards
You can quickly reassign Test Case from one Test Plan to another using drag'n'drop on a Board View. Just create a board with Test Plan as a lane and Test Case as a card and you you'll be able to move Test Case Cards from one Test Plan Lane to another. To copy a Test Case drag the selected card from the clipboard.


Test Case Run result bases on its Steps results
Now Test Case Run result will be set automatically from results of Test Step Runs according to following simple rules:

  • If Test Case Run has at least one failed step — result is set to Failed
  • If all steps in Test Case Run are marked as passed — result is set to Passed

However, you can manually change the result if you need.

Not completed Test Case Runs are updated if Test Case Steps were changed
Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to Test Cases that already have Test Case Runs. You should note that if you add or remove Test Steps it will affect only not executed Test Cases (Skipped and Not Run), 'Passed'  and  'Failed 'Test Case Runs will remain the same. Also changes are not applied to Test Case Runs that belong to Test Plans in final state.

Programs in v.3

More improvements were made in Programs functionality with this release. First of all, now you can create Boards, Lists and Timelines with Programs as cards. It helps manage portfolios of projects and programs.

Programs in v.3

Program creation is simplified. Open top Project/Team selection and find the New program link. Note that a Project can belong to exactly one Program.

Programs in v.3. Image 4

Show Assigned Users Names, not avatars

We added three more units for M-L-XL card sizes:

  • User's initials, like T.B.
  • User's first name initials and full last name, like T. Bear
  • User's full name, like Teddy Bear

It may be handy if you don't like avatars or if the avatars are hard to recognize.

All these options support inline edit as well as avatars do.

Show Assigned Users Names, not avatars

Left menu: changes made by other users show up instantly

You will see immediately if new public/shared Group or View is added, deleted, renamed or re-grouped in a different way. It will help to setup Left menu structure that is common for the whole company.


  • POP Email Plugin: add users from CC: field as Requesters. This helps to keep all email participants notified about Requests.
  • No-mashups mode via ?nomashups in URL. Sometimes custom mashups break functionality. Now you have an easy way to check that. Just add ?nomashups into URL.
  • 'Set up process' link in the top Project/Team selector opens current process for edit
  • 'Process' unit added for Project card and it's editable now
  • 'Set up States' button added to a view Actions menu and 'State' lane settings
  • Keep relation to a Feature when converting attached Bug into a Story (and vice versa)

Fixed Bugs

  • #85926 Fixed adding a Test Case with TestSteps via REST
  • #84393 Forecast is on by default from 3.3.1
  • #86219 Legacy Test Case Steps and Success moved from description to new Step / Expected result
  • #85692 Remove Teams Board, related code and tests
  • #80704 Lower 'Drag and drop files here' border is missing in popup views
  • #77104 Top projects/team selection is not updated properly after current board deletion
  • #83778 Saved Projects-Teams list should be restored for undeleted boards
  • #83908 Failed to edit Test Case attached to a Story copied from another Project
  • #84213 Collapse the left menu folder when user d&d it
  • #84892 JS error when create board from 'People' template fixed
  • #83177 Application load progress indicator was redesigned to fit for existence

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