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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.3.2: Program Improvements, @mention and minor changes

@mention people in comments

Sometimes while adding a comment you need to be sure that a particular person will read it. Just mention the person you need in your comment and he'll get an email notification. It is very similar to Twitter mentions. Type @ sign with the first letters of user's name, then you will see a list of matching people. Select one you want. You can mention several people in a single comment for sure.

@mention people in comments

When you reply to a comment, a person who added the comment will be auto mentioned.

@mention people in comments. Image 2

A person who was mentioned in the comment will receive an email notification with a full comment text:

mention template

Programs improvements

In this release following improvements were made for programs:

More card units

More units are available for Program Card: Total projects, Open User Stories, Open / Total User Stories, Open Features, Open / Total Features, Open Bugs, Open / Total Bugs:

More card units

Basic progress calculation

Program progress can be tracked in following ways:

  • Open / total User Stories counter unit. Shows all stories from all projects inside a program
  • Progress percentage unit. Counts the percent of User Stories in Done state
  • Progress bar unit with Progress in %

prog card

  • Progress bar on a Program View with a tooltip displaying the number of stories completed:

prog view bar

Program in filters

You can easily find all entities, like User Stories, Features or Bugs, that relate to a specific Program:

Prog DSL

Program selector for new Projects

We added a possibility to select a Program while creating a Project:

prog proj

Highlight possible drop state for dragged entity

Have you ever put an entity into the wrong state on a Board view? We are helping you to avoid this, take a look at the Board while you are dragging an entity, some of the columns marked with more solid tone of grey color. Don't try to put a card there 🙂

Highlight possible drop state for dragged entity

Auto assign User Story to the same Release as its Feature

Now User Story will inherit Release field from its Feature, if it has one. In other words, Release field of a new user Story will be set from Release field of its parent Feature. Also it should be noted that changing Release field in a feature will affect only child User Stories in non final state. It means all completed User Stories stay in the old Release.

Show people on Board from selected Teams only

Previously, when you select Person as a lane on a board, you see all people from projects or teams. Now it shows just people from selected teams. We believe this behavior is more logical.

Minor Improvements

  • Bugzilla 4.4 support added
  • Priority attribute of Features and User Stories renamed to Business Value
  • Support <pre> tag in the description and comments
  • "Pair" option for roles is removed

Fixed Bugs

#86974 User story view: Test Step changes reset if user adds a new test case
#84588 Import Test Steps
#85917 Installer should enable MSMQ on Windows Server 2012
#85906 CDN problem detection and prevention: URL parameter ?nocdn=1
#80833 500 error in Audit History of a Build/Team Iteration if custom field were changed
#76243 URL custom field:  '(', ')', '{', '}' and next symbols being truncated on save
#84082 Git plugin case-sensitivity fixed
#84612 Fix for not working mashups if entity is open via short link or from search results
#87172 System user policy changed
#76883 Active Directory changes cannot be saved in v.3, some required symbols are not allowed

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