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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.3.3: Hide empty lanes and Test Steps export

Hide empty lanes on board

Sometimes you have boards with many empty rows and columns. For example, many people have no assigned tasks or user stories. Now you can quickly hide all empty lanes with a single click. Find a new button in the top board menu and try it.

Test Steps export

Test Cases can be exported together with their Test Steps. Just build a view with Test Cases and click 'Export' button from 'Actions' menu. CSV file with your Test Cases and Test Steps will be generated immediately. Note that Test Step export and import are compatible, which means that you can edit your exported Test Cases and Test Steps outside Targetprocess and then import them back.

Quick Add: set some properties automatically based on filter

For example, you have a board that shows user stories filtered by feature, like this ?Feature is 'Follow'. If you added a new user story to this board, it was not linked to Follow feature automatically. Now we fixed that and more filters are supported.

Minor fixes and improvements

* Test Plan Run Print View: Test Steps and Test Results added
#87836 "Uninstall" util added to SDK package
#86010 Targetprocess should work even if some mashups crashed
#87717 NHibernate error happens when a long text is copypasted to test step
#87727 Transaction manager errors on distributed installations after update to 3.3.0
#87960 New 'Assigned People' units (initials, full name) should all be found by 'Assign' keyword
#88393 Comet in Left menu & views doesn't work

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