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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.4.1: Attachments in a Test Case Run and Follow Epics

QA Area: Show Test Case attachments on a Test Case Run view

Test Case attachments are now visible when you execute Test Plan Runs. You can easily open files and screenshots you have attached earlier. It is also possible to attach more files while executing a Test Case Run. The files will be automatically linked to the related Test Case.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.59.35

Follow Epics

Now following is available for Epics, too. You can receive email notifications if  new comments and attachments appear, if new Features are assigned or removed from the Epic, etc.


Fixed Bugs

#88177 Effort units in Test Plans (pt or h)
#79932 'Show more' is hidden on hover if its cell is collapsed
#87751 Link underlining in Chrome is corrected
#87941 Missing icon in 'Open/Total User Stories' unit
#89300 List mode: JS error while adding user stories to the new Feature view
#89629 Can't open Burn Down from the list view
#89961 'Diff' view pop-up was incorrectly placed
#90309 Top filter on the board shrinks for screens with horizontal resolution < 800px

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