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4 years ago

Targetprocess 3.6.5: Unsaved Comments Recovering, Create a Project from a Request

Brief summary of this article:

Prevent the loss of unsaved comments

Before this release when you would type a comment and then accidentally close the view, the comment was lost. From v.3.6.5 if you write a comment, then switch to another view without saving it, the comment will be restored when you go back to it.

Export to .csv from a board now takes into account filters, paging and focus

With this release we've enhanced the export to a .csv from a board. Now if you have your board filtered or focused on a particular set of rows and columns and then export it, you will see the same set of cards in the csv file as the board shows. Another improvement is if you have a really large board spanning several pages, then all the cards across all the pages will be exported. By default, the number of exported entities is limited to 1000, but this can be changed in Web.config file.  You will need to modify this line:  <add key="CsvSlice.TakeLimit" value="1000" />

'Convert to Project' and 'Create Related Project' actions added for Requests

Now you can create a new project directly from a request instead of just a feature, user story or bug, because it is what it is, a project. Alternatively request could be converted to a project.

create project from request

Markdown as an option for the Description editor (per account only)

Starting from v.3.6.5 Markdown lovers and early adopters can switch the Description editor to work with Markdown for the whole account.  Administrators can switch the default editor for new entities from the Settings Gear > Settings > General Settings > Editor Settings.

When this is enabled for any new descriptions, except for requests, you'll write in plain text that will be converted to HTML.  The Description of all old entities and requests will still use CK editor.

Currently we support basic Markdown and drag-and-drop images to the Description. Please, refer to the GitHub Markdown Guide for examples to see how easy-to-use this plain text editor.

We are working on enhancements to this and adding Markdown for Comments which will be released later.

markdown in Descr

Minor Features

  • Relations: Project added to the entity lookup
  • Sync interval for the Git Plugin is changeable now

 Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the Time scale scroll for a Build Date
  • An Observer cannot access the History tab of an entity view
  • Restrict users from setting a Test Case Run status if they do not have Test Plan Run edit permissions
  • Fixed Test Cases/ Plans prioritization in a List mode view after dropping them from another hierarchy level
  • Reset an entity state to initial after 'Copy' action
  • Forbid to assign several teams to Assignable
  • Fixed Requesters count that increases while moving Request card through Requester axis
  • Fixed view sharing when the limit of public views is exceeded according to license
  • Fixed saving a filter for the 'Created Date' axis
  • When a Feature is copied to a Project the Epic field isn't copied
  • Optimize context related requests for an entity view when opened from a Board

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