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4 years ago

Targetprocess 3.6.6: Calculated Custom Fields (beta)

Calculated Custom Fields

You have Budget, Expenses fields for Project and want to calculate your projects Profit? Want to compare the actual effort spent to the initial estimates? Have to compute the costs of a feature or story development?

In v.3.6.6  we introduce an elementary calculations of custom fields.  Now you can create your own formula-based calculated custom fields.  Use the built in properties for an item or even other custom fields that are a number, text, date or check box type.

For example,  you have a custom field "Complexity" of a drop-down type with values "Low"/"Average"/"High". Basing on a feature complexity you may calculate the costs of its implementation. Then you should add a calculated custom field "Cost" where the formula would be:

Effort*(IIF(Complexity=="Low",10, IIF(Complexity=="Average", 11, 15))),

where IIF is an Inline IF function which takes 3 parameters (evaluated expression, value for true, value for false)

See some examples of how you can use them!


Apart from Calculated Custom fields, two more enhancements have been added

Cross-process Custom Fields for Projects

In the past when you wanted to change a custom field for all projects, you had to update the custom field in each Process separately. Now you can create a cross-process custom field for the Project entity. When you add a custom field for the Project entity, you can now choose the related processes. In this case, all the projects which run selected processes will use the same custom field, and you can edit it for all the projects in one place.

cross process

Money Custom Field

Also a new type for custom field  has been added, Money, which handles a currency type. You might want using it for storing monetary values.

money cf

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Test Plan/Case prioritization from the Test Plan view
  • Fixed card duplication on One-by-One view mode if board is configured with a many-to-many axis
  • Fixed quick add for the Team State axis if team states were reordered (for non-admin users)
  • Fixed a broken loader from the Create Run button on a Test Plan view

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