Targetprocess 3.7.3: Epic unit for Bug/Story cards, new DateTime functions in Webhook plugin | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.7.3: Epic unit for Bug/Story cards, new DateTime functions in Webhook plugin

Webhook plugin supports new DateTime functions

AddDays(DateTime date, int days) - Returns a new date with the number of days added. The number of days can be positive or negative.
Example: {{CreateDate | AddDays: 7}}

Now() - Returns the server's current date and time.
Example: {{Now}}

LastSunday(DateTime date) - Returns the closest start of the week (last Sunday) for a given date.
Example: {{StartDate | LastSunday}}

Epic unit added to Story and Bug cards

We've added a new 'Epic' unit on User Stories and Bugs. Since a Bug or User Story cannot be related directly to an Epic, this unit will show the Epic for the Feature that a Story or Bug is related to. This also means that the Epic unit for Stories and Bugs is read-only when in the list mode.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed: Verification of the project/team abbreviation length from an entity view
Fixed: Text in brackets '<>' is not processed correctly
Fixed: `TypeError: e is null` on a View change
Fixed: REST API cannot get a specific custom field for Time
Fixed: "Object reference not set" exception on a Timeline if Visual Encoding by a custom field was applied
Fixed: "Responsible Team" is missing when in List mode
Fixed: Timeline exception when an invalid date range is selected and the Milestones feature is "On"
Fixed: Description is not auto saved correctly with a long description and poor internet connection
Fixed: Board "Owners" from left menu disappears if an owner was deleted from Targetprocess
Fixed: Date units in filters should be case-insensitive
Fixed: Broken "?TeamIteration is current" filter
Fixed: Warning message about slow mashups is not displayed in no mashups mode, delay to display increased from 10 to 20 seconds
Fixed: Unable to edit entity description if the Entity Template mashup is installed
Fixed: Authentication of SVN plugin to Visual SVN Server 3.3.1 errors processing

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