Targetprocess 3.7.5: Epic-Feature List In a Project View | Targetprocess - Visual management software

Work hierarchy in the Project view

In the Project view you can now see a new tab where all project work is shown as a hierarchy, from Epics to User Stories with all their Tasks and Bugs.

It is a typical list with all the accompanying functionality - inline edit, drag-and-drop prioritization, quick add, and a context menu.

Note: Bugs that are not attached to any User Story will not appear in this list.

Work Hierarchy

Logged user endpoint added in REST API

api/v1/Users/LoggedUser returns details of an authorized user. The endpoint supports specific REST API functions such as include and exclude.

Fixed Bugs

#102947 Fixed: Custom unit 'Test Case Last Run Results' doesn't show more than 3 digits in the Board or List view
#104971 Fixed: Time record loss in converted Requests
#105491 Fixed: 'Undelete' action for a group of views