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8 years ago

TargetProcess 3 Usability Tests

This year we are focusing on the next big thing — targetprocess3. It took more time than expected, but great things always take more time.

I personally believe targetprocess3 is a fantastic product with great potential.
Until now we've revealed close to nil information about targetprocess3, but now we are ready to show something real, and to prove that we are on track. We are going to run live usability test sessions with targetprocess2 customers to ensure that (or to correct our path).

So what is ready? Here is the set of functionality we want to check right now:

  • Plan and track work for Multi-projects and Multi-teams context
  • Quick Add everything
  • New Board: create various boards using cards, columns, rows and flexible filters.
  • Batch Drag and Drop on board
  • Switch between Board/View mode
  • Zoom
  • Collapse and focus on rows and columns
  • Customize navigation
  • Comet (async live update)

There are still no reports,  nor timeline,  nor many other exciting possibilities we plan to work on soon.
Still we are eager to show you what we have already and to receive valuable feedback.

If you are interested in a targetprocess3 usability test session, please fill in the form.
The session will be personalised and may take up to 1 hour, it will be run via GoToMeeting or WebEx in any convenient time.


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