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Hi folks,

3 years ago we got stuck. Yes, we improved the product but somehow lost the roots. Targetprocess started to look like a good ordinary tool, but novelty vanished. We wanted to create the best agile tool, and failed.

So we started to act. We’ve learned how you work, and which problems you face. What you like. What you hate. We tried to address it all in a single hit. I believe we made a major breakthrough in our vision, and that’s how the concept for new Targetprocess 3 was born:

Targetprocess Image

Targetprocess 3 is flexible. Sure, every vendor claims their software is flexible, but in our case it really is. The new Targetprocess is challenging the status quo and may seem unusual when you try it first. But once you grasp the main concept, you’ll feel the power.

Multi Teams
For some strange reason there’s no agile PM software that supports multiple teams naturally. Yes, you can handle that with quirky workarounds, but why would you have to do that? Targetprocess 3 fits any company structure: from design studios, where a single team works on many projects, to huge enterprises that require a cumulative effort of many teams. Now you can plan work and track progress across many teams and projects.

Many Boards
Boards in Targetprocess 3 are really cool. You can create any board in a minute: Kanban Board, Task Board, Work by Person, Roadmap and many, many others. The Board UI handles huge data easily via collapsing, focusing and zooming. It helps you add entities quickly, select any entities you want and manipulate them via batch drag and drop.

Live + Mobile
Other nice additions include iPhone/iPad app to handle projects on the go and Live Updates in a browser screen without page refreshes, which is handy for remote meetings.

We’re so proud that after 17 months of development and beta testing we can share Targetprocess 3 with you:

Great things take time, and we didn’t implement all the major features we wanted in this public release. But this is the foundation upon which we shall build further, while listening to your feedback. More great things are already on thу way, like Timelines, Hierarchical Lists with inline editing, Customizable Cards.

Thank you for your patience.

I invite you to jump on board and share the journey with us.

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