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5 years ago

Targetprocess Android release

Two month ago we announced the first public beta of the Targetprocess Android app.

Today we want to let you know that the first release candidate is published! It's available for free download at Google Play. We listened to your feedback and implemented the most requested features.

Edit and delete entities

Now you are able to edit entity’s assignments, tags, project, team, priority, release, etc. Entities can also be deleted.

Edit and delete entities

Edit and delete entities. Image 2

Create new entities

We've added a possibility to create new entities. Find a big green button in the drawer menu.

Create new entities


Find the entity you need. Type a keyword to see suggestions. If you know the exact entity ID (e.g. 123) just type it to open it.

Search. Image 1

Left Menu

In this release mobile left menu resemble web left menu. Folders, Views, Favorites section and search — all is there.

views menu

Other Improvements

We have added Epics support. Epic is a new entity type to add one more hierarchy level.

To better use screens space of a mobile device there is a toggle to shrink empty columns. That preference is saved individually for each board.

The last opened board is saved and will be opened with the next app launch.

And lot of other improvements:

  • speed up board loading
  • faster and more accurate context resolving
  • faster UI recovery after device rotation
  • small UI changes and stability improvements

Your feedback is welcome! Feel free to share ideas or vote for features you need at User Voice.

Or contact us at if you find any issues or need any kind of support. We will do our best to solve your problem! Thanks.

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