TargetProcess Announced Integration with Microsoft Surface | Targetprocess - Visual management software
12 years ago

TargetProcess Announced Integration with Microsoft Surface

It looks like a magic, but soon it will be possible to manage projects using TargetProcess on a very cool Microsoft Surface table. Releases and iterations planning using drag and drop with usual human hands and fingers (throw your mouse and seal up your touchpad), nice sorting and grouping, fantastic user interface and experience!

"Microsoft Surface brings real tactile feeling into software world. You may operate with entities using hands on a table, almost like with usual cards. You may take a bunch of user stories and throw them to release. You may drag the slider to move release date. You may give a flick on user story to delete it! It really sounds like a miracle. I think such experience is a huge step forward for whole software engineering industry.", commented Michael Dubakov, founder of TargetProcess, Inc.

We are creating new appealing user interface with really handy functionality and unsurpassed usability. Stay tuned and find additional details here!

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