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11 years ago

TargetProcess Announced v.2.14 Release With Full Waterfall Support

We are extremely happy to announce the full Waterfall support in TargetProcess. No wonder it has the reputation of being the most flexible agile project management software on the market! New v.2.14 (special edition) will include features like:

Gantt Charts On All Levels

You will at least see nice and accurate Gantt charts in project, release and even iteration scope. Now you may define and manage Critical Path painlessly. Do you know your real iteration end date? With Critical Path you can predict it with 105% probability with minimal effort.

Extensive Dependencies Management

Dependencies management on tasks level is a really complex thing for any project. Now with TargetProcess you may pretty easy define all dependent tasks. Why stop there? TargetProcess is smart enough to generate potentially dependent tasks for you.

Waterfall Life-cycle Process Support

As you already know, TargetProcess has unique concept of Process. You may tune it to support your development process. Now it is possible with Waterfall as well! You may define all important project phases like Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance.

Also you may enable such valuable practices as Big Design Up Front, Requirements Freeze and Fixed Budget. User interface adopted for the current project phase. For example, during Implementation phase you can't add defects and run test cases. During Requirements phase you can't commit code into repository. This forces development team to strictly follow Waterfall process which is definitely the very right road to the project success.

Micro-management Support

Micro-management is a very important thing in software development projects. You just can't spent time procrastinating or learning new technologies. Developers should focus on code only, every minute is important! Software development is hard and complex adaptive system in its core; you should do your best to complete project on time and under budget.

Now with TargetProcess you may estimate tasks down to minutes! That powers another extremely valuable metric – individual velocity. You can control everything and that is just great!

TargetProcess development teams hopes you'll enjoy new innovative functionality that we are providing with this special Waterfall-edition release. Please leave your comments!

P.S. This post was written on April 1, 2009 and is an April Fool's Joke! 🙂

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