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7 years ago

Targetprocess app 1.2 for iOS

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to bring Targetprocess app 1.2 to iPad and iPhone. This is a major Targetprocess iOS app update introducing the full support for iOS7.

These are just some of our favourite features in Targerprocess app 1.2 for iOS:

iOS7 Support
Redesigned for iOS 7. Refreshed look and feel.

Create boards from templates
Create lots of boards showing user stories and bugs, features, test cases, requests, impediments, users, projects and teams.

List or Cards view
Zoom out for a list view or zoom in for a cards view.

Full support for editing
You can edit/update all the entities and all the fields.

Description editor
Update entity description of user stories, bugs, tasks and other entities on your device including basic formatting like bold, italic and font.

Attachments and comments
Add attachments and photos to your user stories and other cards. For example, shoot a board during a meeting and attach it to a user story. Copy text from comments or delete it (tap and hold comment text to open action menu).

Windows authentication support
Microsoft NTLM (Windows) support for On-site customers.

Targetprocess for iOS is a free app, and requires iOS 7.

Coming Soon in Targetproces iOS app
Customize board settings
Assignments and time tracking support
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