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5 months ago

Targetprocess Business Continuity and Resilience

This post is to address requests and queries we’ve received in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak and Targetprocess’ readiness to cope with potential issues. Below is information about our business continuity practices and plans.

Our emphasis is on:

  • With an increasing number of people working remotely across the globe, our customers will be even more reliant on Targetprocess to coordinate their work.
  •  The more businesses that can run in an uninterrupted manner – the lower the potential for losses of all kinds as a result of the outbreak.

In short, we are fully committed to providing uninterrupted and high-quality service to our customers, here are details:

  • Targetprocess leverages multiple major cloud providers with the option to migrate workloads between them, in case of issues.
  • Customer data is backed up and duplicated across different geographic locations and different cloud providers.
  • There’s no critically important infrastructure hosted at our offices that can be affected by local disruptions.
  • Members of our Infrastructure/SRE Teams can fully replace each other, all possess the required expertise and are geographically distributed. The same applies to our Support team.
  • We’ve currently suspended business trips, including for customer training and conferences. Such activities have been replaced with online versions where possible or are being postponed.
  • Those who travel internationally for personal reasons are required to work from home for two weeks before returning to the office.
  • While Targetprocess has always been a remote work-friendly company, we’re now encouraging remote work even more by providing additional resources where necessary and are ready to switch to full remote mode if required.

We wish you all the best during this period of uncertainty.

Thank you,
Slava Volau
Head of Compliance and Security

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