Targetprocess Chronicles (2004-2014) | Targetprocess - Visual management software

A simple tale of how we created Targetprocess, the visual project management software.


It all started back in 2004. In those days only a few people in Belarus had heard about agile and almost no one actually used it for their work. Iterative development, what the heck is that? Pair programming? TDD? However, at one local software development company where Eugene and I worked, we had a chance to try Extreme Programming for one of our internal projects. As a side effect we needed a software tool to manage such a project. During that time there were several horrible free tools and a few paid ones that were ridiculously expensive. We thought to ourselves: “Why don’t we make our own XP project management tool?” as many programmers at that time must have. For us, this single question turned into the concept of Targetprocess (the very first name was SWIPE — Sprint Web Integrated Process Environment).

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