Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.3
2 years ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.3: Comments hierarchy, video attachments, search improvements

Hierarchy for comments

Do you prefer communicating with your teammates directly in work items? We're glad to announce our improved comments view for your iOS devices! From now on, discussions will be structured in a 2-level hierarchy, making it much easier to follow the conversation. All replies to a comment will be placed in the replies section under the initial comment. Tapping the "Show/Hide replies" link will expand/collapse the replies section.

To reply to a comment, just hold your finger down on it and choose the "Reply to" option.

Video attachments

It's now possible to attach videos from your device's library. You can select video files of up to 100 MB, and add them to any work item.

Search: Found in Description, Comment, Custom Field

We are continuing to improve the Search tab to make it even more helpful. We've added the captions "Found in Description/Comment/Custom Field" to Search results. These captions indicate where the text in the search query was found.

If you have anything you want to share with us, use the Feedback form in the app's "Me" tab, or shoot us a message at

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