Targetprocess for iOS | Releases 4.1, 4.2: Search v2, Time History
3 years ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Releases 4.1, 4.2: Search v2, Time History

During the last two months, we've been focused on two major features and a bunch of small enhancements for our iOS app.

Search Version 2

As you may have noticed, a new Search engine has been released on our main web application. It generates better results than the previous engine, and provides more options for filtering. This search engine is now available for our iOS app. It's easy to search for work items on-the-go, filter the results by entity type or entity state, and sort them by Relevance or Creation date.

Time History

Finally, Time History records have been added to our mobile app! You can navigate to an entity's Time History by tapping its 'History' link. Time records that have been added to the entity are shown in a handy table right in the app. You can easily review, post, and edit records from Time History. To edit a time record, just hold your finger down on it (long tap), and select the “Edit Time” option.

Small, but useful improvements.

  • Our mobile client now supports ADFS SSO.
  • If your board consists of only one column, the app will show it in paging mode by default.
  • There's no need to repeat entity type selections when adding multiple items, because the system will remember for you! The last added entity type and Project will now be saved on the Add tab after entity creation.
  • Negative values can now be added to Number and Money Custom Fields.
  • System Custom Fields now are read-only (because only metrics should affect these fields)

We appreciate any feedback from you. Please, use the Feedback form in the app’s "Me" tab, or send a message to We'd love to chat.

Click here to download the iOS app.

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