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2 years ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Releases 4.5, 4.6: ‘Shift’ prioritization, Expand / Collapse for inner lists

Expand / Collapse for inner lists

Expand/Collapse functionality has been added to both the 'Me' tab and entity inner lists. This makes it easier to navigate through long inner lists by collapsing sections that you are not interested in, and focusing on expanded work items. The system will save the collapsed section's state for you when you open the app again.

Prioritization with 'Shift' support

Previously, from a safety perspective, we did not give you the ability to change card priority right from your mobile device (just in case you have the 'Prioritize only if the Shift key is pressed' option set in the main app). After reading your feedback, we realized that it is sometimes necessary to change this setting right from your mobile. That's why you can now set your private Prioritization settings right from your iPhone or iPad!

This decision will be saved to your local mobile app settings, and won't overwrite the setting on your web application. So now you can decide for yourself whether to turn the 'Prioritize While Moving' setting ON in View Setup, or leave it OFF to prevent accidental priority changes while using Targetprocess on your mobile device.
Moreover, you can even turn the setting OFF on your device, even if the view has 'Prioritization on' checked on your web app.

You can not locally overwrite the "Prioritization off" web option.
Web settings
Possible mobile settings
Prioritization on
Targetprocess Image
Prioritization off
Targetprocess Image
Prioritize only if the Shift key is pressed
Targetprocess Image

Please feel free to share any thoughts you have with us. Use the Feedback form in the app's 'Me' tab, or shoot us a message at

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