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Product development is hard. You have hundreds of customers and thousands of requests. It is impossible to please them all. You may bury the product with blind requests implementation, it is not a news for anybody. You should maintain clear vision and balance like a rope-walker all the time.

During last 11 releases we added new functionality. There was maybe 1 release targeted to peformance and usability improvements, but most of the releases targeted new features: integration, customization, horizontal features, vertical features, etc. We decided to stop.

Next several releases will be dedicated to performance, usability and design improvements. Here is what we are going to do:

  1. Unify design of the application and make it cool and attractive.
  2. Provide outstanding functionality for lists manipulation. People spend much time with data in lists (filtering, editing, etc). All lists will be fully customizable. It will be possible to create a list with any filter, grouping, inner lists, etc. It will be possible to inline edit everything in all lists. All that will be based on ExtJS grid and as a client side solution it will be faster than everything else.
  3. We have about a hundred of really nice requests/ideas/solutions from our customers regarding usability. We are going to implement most of them. Especially email notifications, personal customizability, lists manipulation, navigation, reporting.
  4. Improve overall performance twice.

These are our goals for the next several releases. Maybe quite many of our customers will not be happy. They demand new features like Eclipse integration, CC.NET integration, extended time tracking, budgeting inside TargetProcess, etc. But great performance and superior usability will bring more benefits to all of them.

We are feeling that it is time to eliminate many medium and small problems in TargetProcess to be able to move it forward with greater success.

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