Targetprocess Mobile Android Releases: 2.0 and 2.1

3 years ago

Targetprocess Mobile Android Releases: 2.0 and 2.1

Bottom navigation

We're happy to announce that we've updated the Targetprocess Android app with a material redesign and more intuitive navigation. We've placed all of the user's main entry points into one place. Views, Search, Quick Add, Notifications, and User Profile are now easily accessible from tabs in the bottom bar with just one click. We hope this ease-of-access will improve your experience with our app.

Bottom navigation

Views List

Along with improved navigation, we have also updated the Views List. If you have favorited any views, you will now find a folder with your favorite views.

Searching for views will now yield results for both hidden and visible views. Just a reminder that you can update the changed view configuration and context by swiping down on the Views List.

Views List

Me tab

In the ‘Me’ tab you will find an updated Feedback form – don’t hesitate to use it and share your ideas with us 😉
Me tab

Other improvements

  • Added a download option for files attached to entities.
  • Added the ability to open links from comments.
  • You can now delete comments and attachments. Just hold your finger down on any comments or files that needs to be deleted to make the option appear.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed the absence of a State selector on Project and Test Plan views.
  • Fixed the absence of the Bugs tab on the User Story details view.
  • Fixed an inability to change the Team Iteration field from a entity details views.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, feel free to shoot us a message at

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