Targetprocess mobile for Android: Release 1.6
4 years ago

Targetprocess mobile for Android: Release 1.6

List of notifications inside the application

Previously, you could get push notifications sent to your device but couldn't view a list of them inside the application. We've now put all notifications into one place, so they will be much easier to find.

You can find notifications for:

  • state changes for entities assigned to you
  • new or updated comments where you were mentioned
  • when you are assigned or unassigned to an item

Real Time View Updates

Another helpful improvement we've implemented is live updates. If someone changes an item that is displayed on your board, you will see this immediately without needing to refresh the board.

Other Improvements

  • Added description autosave so that you can recover any recently closed description drafts, even if you didn't click the "save" button
  • Added version number to the application so you can see which mobile release you're currently working with

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