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5 years ago

Targetprocess Mobile for iOS 2.0 Release

The most recent version of Targetprocess for iOS was approved by Apple is now available on the Apple Appstore. The major improvements in the release are:

Push notifications

Note: Compatible with the main application  v.3.7.4 and above.  This version has not been released yet, but will be soon.

You will receive notifications when someone assigns any kind of entity to you, when an entity changes state or when you are mentioned in a comment. Push messages are similar to others in your notification center.

They will also be displayed as a grey notification at the top of the application when it is running in the foreground.

iPhone 6/6+ optimization

The new version of the app now supports the native resolution available with the latest generation of iPhones.

We decided to move from rasterized PNG files to vectorized PDFs so that all the icons will look pixel-perfect even on the next generation iPhone with @4x+ resolution.

We've also changed the left menu on the iPhone 6 so you'll be able to make gestures with one hand.


UX Simplification

View creation and editing had been removed so the left menu now has more space to show existing views.

This also means some popular actions like switching from List mode to Cards mode are now available with a single tap (instead of choosing from drop-down menu like in v.1.5)


and of course every day we work on stability, performance improvements and bug fixes.

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