Targetprocess Mobile for iOS: Release 3.0
4 years ago

Targetprocess Mobile for iOS: Release 3.0

We're very happy to announce that we've updated the Targetprocess iOS app with improved navigation and a much smoother UX. After analyzing your feedback, we decided to place all of the user's main entry points into one place. Views, Search, Quick Add, and User Profile are now easily accessible from tabs on the bottom bar. We hope that this ease-of-access will improve your experience with our app:

For example, if you want to add a new work item, you no longer have to hunt down the corresponding view - just tap the "Add" tab and select the entity type you wish to add.

Or, if you want to see all the items that are assigned to you, just tap the "Me" tab:

We've also added the possibility to select more than one team and fill out additional custom fields when using Quick Add to create a card.

We're now working on improving Entity views and extending the app's functionality. If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, feel free to shoot us a message at

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