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12 years ago

TargetProcess Plugins Source Code Available Under BSD License

We've opened Plugins Source Code under BSD license. You may download plugins source code and use them for any purpose. Available plugins are:

  • Tp.HelpDesk.AutoReplyToRequester
  • Tp.HelpDesk.BindEmailRequestToProject
  • Tp.Integration.External.Bugzilla
  • Tp.Integration.External.Jira
  • Tp.Integration.External.TestTrackPro
  • Tp.Integration.SourceControl.Perforce
  • Tp.Integration.SourceControl.SourceSafe
  • Tp.Integration.SourceControl.Subversion
  • Tp.Integration.Testing.TestRunImport
  • Tp.Integration.Testing.TestRunImport.NUnit
  • Tp.Integration.Testing.TestRunImport.Selenium

The goals of plugins source code sharing are:

  • You may modify plugins to fit your needs.
  • You may create new plugins based on existing plugin. For example, you may want to import test run results from Fitnesse or another system.
  • You may fix bugs in existing plugins and submit us patches 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions about plugins development.

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