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6 years ago

Targetprocess Screen Capture: Chrome Extension

Quite often you want to capture a screenshot and create a new bug in Targetprocess. If you are a tester and use Google Chrome we have great news for you: Targetprocess Screen Capture Chrome Extension does exactly that.

Install the extension and capture selected areas or full windows:

Targetprocess Image

For example, you re-design company web site and decide to change a color of a title (this is so usual request designers love to receive). You select an area and push Enter:

Targetprocess Image

Then you see an editor that helps to annotate the screenshot. You can highlight areas with various tools, change colors and write text. Here we use arrow and text tools:

Targetprocess Image

As a result, we pointed to the required title and wrote what should be changed:

Targetprocess Image

It is time to add this bug into Targetprocess application. You click green plus button on the left and select Bug option. Fill in required fields and click Add button:

Targetprocess Image

Bug is added! Now we can navigate to Targetprocess and maybe assign it to someone or add additional information:

Targetprocess Image

Here is it.

Targetprocess Image

Install Targetprocess Screen Capture extension, use it, give your feedback and write reviews.

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