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10 years ago

TargetProcess TOP 10 posts in 2009

January 13/14 is the Old New Year holiday. Seems like today is the latest appropriate time to look back  and recall the most interesting blog posts by TargetProcess in 2009 🙂

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Based on visitors count, the posts are ranked as follows (descending order):

1. Lean and Kanban Software Development Digest: In May 2009, this digest came along right on time as Kanban adoption started to grow. We've been sifting through the Lean/Kanban buzz and considering if Kanban might be a good tool for our development process, so this post has the most valuable findings we've made and shared with agile community.

2. Refactoring vs Rewrite: This post is a real train of thought of a Product Owner trying  to make a decision on how to proceed with product development — rewrite or refactor. Can well be used in textbooks for software product management 🙂

3. Mind Maps: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean: Another by-product of our research on agile development processes. The specific value of mind maps is that they help grasp complex things with visual representations.

4. Tale: Deadline and Technical Debt: Once upon a time...  Who could ever expect that the fundamental principles of product management can be outlined in a fairy tale ? 🙂 There we go:  smart Arthur, the cunning king, quest for princess — the metaphorical expression of the danger of technical debt in software development.

5. 5 Wrong Reasons to Apply Kanban. For some reason (no pun intended), 5 wrong reasons ranked higher than 5 right reasons. Maybe it's just human psychology — to go from "what's wrong"  instead of  "what's right" ...

6. How We Use Kanban Board. The Real Example:  Once we figured that Kanban process is just the right thing for us and put it in action, we shared this  experience with our blog readers.

7. 5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban: There they are 🙂

8. Zero Defects? Are You Kidding Me? : Can this juicy frog be sure that it swallowed the very last bug? This post is a warning against the so-called "zero defects mentality" in software product management.

9. Simple Rules, Complex Systems and Software Development: Complex systems function at their best when guided by simple rules. Look at ants, birds, space rockets and ... software development.

10. BDD and User Story Specification: Examples — This post includes some real user story specs in BDD for TargetProcess product. Enjoy and use.

These are the TOP 10 posts  in 2009 from TargetProcess agile blog (click here for more)


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