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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.22.1 with real-time logging in plugins

Usability Improvements

Yesterday moved from More → Home to Reports.

Targetprocess Image

Active checkbox removed from add project view

Add → Build action removed from the top left Add menu



Enjoy real-time logging in Plugins: troubleshoot problems as you configure a plugin profile, all on the same screen.

Targetprocess Image

Fixed Bugs

  • Subversion: fails to update bug to a 2-word state (e.g. "In Progress")
  • Unable to configure TargetProcess to work with plugins



Paging added to REST API. You can now request data like


Request returns Prev and Next pages

<Items Prev="http://targetprocess/api/v1/bugs?take=1&skip=0"


Fixed bugs

  • Cannot get for some non-assignable entities

Other Fixes

  • Search not working if UTF-8 characters are used in search string
  • Locales not applied to Custom Reports
  • Incorrect data displayed on Time Sheet if non-default culture is used
  • Views: Opening whole-page view by clicking on link on Kanban Board
  • Views: Error when switch to "task and bugs" tab
  • Views: Assignment area hung after updating effort value
  • Views: Old Releases/Iterations shown by default
  • Views: Card becomes broken and locked after changing state via new view pop up

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