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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.22.3 Released with 22 bug fixes

In v.2.22.0 Subversion plugin was quite unstable. We definitely made a mistake with this release. All the major problems are fixed in thew new build and Subversion Integration should work like a charm.  The architecture has been dramatically improved, making plugins faster and more stable.

We reconsidered our Definition of Done to prevent such releases in the future.

Fixed Bugs in Subversion Integration

— Plugin should add revisions only with entity id specified in comment
— Converter of svn plugin profiles: add tp user data so that hidden maping proceed to work
— Plugins disappeared after update
— Page crashes if activity log exceeds a certain size
— Concurrent work of several profiles with different repositories is incorrect
No such revision error in log if profile works outside the root of the repo
— Mapping still does not work for some users
— Revision is applied multiple times
— Make TimeoutException error message user friendly in plugins
— Do not show error messages in activity log on timeout

Fixed Bugs in Task Creator plugin

— Insufficient resources to perform operation
— Error occurs in an attempt to get an activity log
— Task Creator plugin shows no more than 25 projects in Project list
— It should be possible to collapse all exceptions in activity log
— "Could not find path..." error appears in plugins

Fixed Bugs in Permissions

— Cannot delete a custom report
— Users can't add bugs or tasks to user stories if the users don't have acces to user story edit

Other Fixes

Saved filters are no longer available for selection in v.2.22.2
— I should be able to update time remaining on Task Board even if Time Tracking practice is off
— Email Integration: Delivery Status Notification: Hundreds of Requests created.
— REST: Next states inconsistent behavior
— REST: Incorrect collection expanding for nested entities

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