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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.22.8: States Reordering, Tags import, Ordering in REST API

States reordering in Workflow

You’ve customized your workflow for Tasks, and there are several states on your Task Board now, such as Open, Reviewing, In Progress and Done. Now you want to reorder these states (you need Admin rights for that).

Go to Settings > Process > Edit Process > Workflow. Select Task. Drag and drop the states as you wish.

Reorder states

If you drag a state and put it on top, this state will always be the Initial one.
You cannot drag the last (final) state. It is final, so it always comes last. You can rename it though. Similarly, you can reorder states for User Stories, Bugs, Features.

Which areas are affected?

  1. Order of states in the change state drop downs
  2. Order of columns on the Task Board
  3. Order of states in the History tab
  4. Default order of columns on the Kanban Board and Teams Board

Subversion to TargetProcess: auto-mapping users

One-click-mapping between Subversion users and TargetProcess users is available now. It compares users logins, emails and names to fill the mapping.

Tags: import and export

You can import tags with User Stories, Bugs, Features and other entities. Just create a Tags column and put required tags like: tag1, tag with long name, tag2


Ordering: You can order items using various fields like http://tp/api/v1/UserStories?orderBy=Iteration.StartDate

Other Fixes:

  • TestCasesRun collection, TestCasesRun-count, TestPlan, Build references added to TestPlanRun
  • Deserialization error when setting null value to custom fields
  • Forbid to change EntityType of Priority

Fixed Bugs

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