TargetProcess v.2.23.12: Unique User Emails and Print Bugs | Targetprocess - Visual management software
7 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.23.12: Unique User Emails and Print Bugs

Brief summary of this article:

Unique User Emails

Starting from this release, one and the same email address can be used only for one user as a login. Previously, several users were able to share their logins and passwords.

Unique User Emails

Print Bugs

Bugs can be printed as cards now, in case you need them pinned to a board, same way as user stories.

Print Bugs

Fixed Bugs

  • Whoops on tags renaming in some cases
  • Wrong file naming in plugins acitivity logs
  • Git integration doesn't import revisions with long comments
  • Lead and Cycle time chart breaks new view if entity Start Date  is less than the Creation Date
  • New Iteration burn down shows progress for entity which has already been moved to another project
  • The "Search in all projects" checkbox allows to see entities from any project even if user is not in the team
  • Warning messages for Move/Copy releases are identical

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