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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.23.4: Mercurial Integration

New release is on the way. On-Demand customers will be upgraded over the next several days.

New Iteration Burn Down

We've just started revamping the Burn Down charts, that's why the chart in this release works only for one use case (so far):

User Stories should be measured in Points, Tasks — in hours, and Time Tracking should be turned off (just update the Remaining Effort from the Task Board). More use cases are on the way.

Iteration Burn Down Chart

The New Burn Down chart provides a clear overview of the daily changes — all the details in just one look:

Iteration Burn Down Daily Details


Mercurial Plugin Released!

Now you can integrate TargetProcess with Mercurial source control system.
See how to set up the integration.

Mercurial Integration


Fixed Bugs

  • Rich text custom field length scales up to 4000 symbols
  • Git clones repository on each view/diff request
  • A non-admin user with add/edit permissions is able to give admin/observer rights
  • REST exception on new looks if custom field name is longer than 128 symbols
  • [IE] Project selector layout
  • Iterations stop working if the Iteration practice is turned off with Help Wizard expanded

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