TargetProcess v.2.23.5: Quick assign people to any project and many more | Targetprocess - Visual management software

New build is out and will be available to all the customers in the next few days.

Quick assign people to any project

Now it takes less time, screens and clicks to assign a person to several projects.
It's on one page now. Just put in ticks for the projects you want to add this person to.
This option is available for Admin users only.
Add people to project teams

Release Plan in "Days"

Sometimes weeks and months are too high-level, especially for shorter releases.
That's why we've added an option to break down your Release Plan into days.

Days in Release Plan


  • REST API available via System User
  • REST: the api/v1/Userstories/null/ request throws internal server error
  • REST: IsCurrent field added for Iteration / Release

Other Fixes