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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.23: Git and Bugzilla Plugins, Visual History, Mashups, Tasks on Kanban Board

TargetProcess v.2.23 is already available to all On-Demand customers. On-Site customers will be able to download it later this week. This is the last major release before TargetProcess v.3.

Git and Bugzilla integrations

Git Integration

The long-awaited Git Plugin is finally there! You can integrate both with your local/remote Git repository and with GitHub repository; bind source code to User Stories, Bugs and Tasks, change states, add comments and update times on the fly with a simple Git commit:

#7754 comment: will not be fixed state: invalid time:0.5

  • Change defect states
  • Add comments to defect
  • Update time spent and time remaining

Read more about Git Integration setup

Bugzilla Integration

Bugzilla Integration

The new Bugzilla Plugin is fast and smooth. It imports bugs from Bugzilla showing all the relevant  info right in TargetProcess.

Read more about Bugzilla integration

Visual History for Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Requests

The visual timeline shows overall progress including all the state changes, time spent, responsible persons, impediments, added and closed bugs, and tasks. It helps to discover problems and waste in Kanban.

Visual History for Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Requests

Mashup Manager

Mashups help to extend and customize TargetProcess. If you know some JavaScript, you can have fun and create cool customizations right here.

Mashups manager

Quite a number of mashups are available in TargetProcess Mashups Library, for example,  Classes of Services, Quick Add, Kanban Board Comment Counts.

Tasks on Kanban Board

Now you can work with Tasks on Kanban Board! No need to switch to Task Board. Just turn on the Show tasks as cards option in the Customize menu.

Tasks on Kanban Board

Other Fixes and Improvements

#34157 Beta Views: Project view added
#38857 Beta Views: Duplicate bugs functionality support
#37170 New sample project generation

#40866 Retain tags when copying user stories, bugs and features
#41178 Comments missed from old views (Internet Explorer)
#41850 Exception on redirect for OnDemand users if "https only" access is turned on
#17619 Line breaks are not preserved in the required comments on state change
#33264 Test cases: inline image won't appear in test case run
#38088 Release Plan Backlog filtering with phrase tags
#38796 Show Test Run Name in the 'Run History' tab for Test Case view
#39318 ZIP archives corrupt if uploaded via HelpDesk portal
#39852 Permissions: can't delete User Story without admin rights
#40405 Sender email swaps for add/edit comment email notifications
#40620 Exception on clicking the 'Owner ID' link (for a custom report with Requests)
#40703 Filter by Entity Type of ToDo list on Dashboard doesn't work
#40801 "ASP.NET ISAPI is disabled" message after installation
#40873 The Move action for user stories ends incorrectly
#40878 Wrong pages count in some custom reports
#40999 The "Expired" label disappears as the "End Date" field in the Allocations report is cleared
#41004 SVN plugin hangs when someone tries to connect with SSH
#41060 Cascade import doesn't work: session is reset after the first cycle

#41363 Mashup editor shows only first 125 lines of code
#39748 Mashups Manager: Preview mashup (for saved changes only)
#39842 Mashup Manager: Auto convert pasted URL to Placeholder

#40803 REST: exception if custom fields contains "-" (hyphen), : or "
#41284 REST: the count of programs in response on /api/v1/programs depends on Context
#40189 REST: multiple select custom fields support
#40658 REST: create/update/delete Requester

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