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7 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.24.5: Redesigned Lookup Filters, Auto Timeshift for the Future Iterations

Redesigned lookup filters

The new lookup filters will help you find entities quickly by ID, by name, or using advanced filters. The filters are available in some custom fields, in the Relations tab, in the 'Attach to Request' and in the 'Convert to Task' options in Actions.

For example, if you type '65' in the lookup filter, it will list the entities the IDs of which start or end with '65' , or the names of which contain '65':

Targetprocess Image

As for the advanced filters (you need to type '?' in the lookup to run an advanced filter), be sure to check the guide to using TP filters for more info. The filters will save your time whenever you're trying to recall which TP entity that was.

Take a look at this example:

Auto Timeshift for the Future Iterations

Sometimes people need to change an iteration start/end dates or duration, due to holidays or for some other reasons. Previously, the start dates for every single iteration coming after this one had to be changed as well. It's too much work if your project has multiple iterations.

In 2.24.5, we've improved this part of the TargetProcess user experience, and added the auto timeshift function for the future iterations. Now, if you change an iteration start or end date, or duration, all the future iterations will be shifted by the same amount of days.


Fixed Bugs

  • New search: entities from the search results list cannot open in a new tab
  • Cannot convert an entity if it has requests attached to it
  • Copy-paste image (Ctrl+c - Ctrl+V) to an entity description in Firefox
  • Incorrect permissions check: a user with no "edit" permissions is not able to add time records to user story
  • System.FormatException: 'String was not recognized as a valid Boolean'
  • Cannot filter Requests in a list by their states if state names are in Russian

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