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7 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.24.7: Default Values For Custom Fields

Default Values For Custom Fields

Now you can set the default values for drop-down, multiselect, number and text custom fields

Default Values For Custom Fields

'Create Task' from Request action added

Create Task from Request action added

Fixed Bugs

  • Unhandled .NET Framework exception in w3wp.exe in attempt to use drag'n'drop on board
  • Local time applies when add time via Quick Add from the entity view
  • Test Plans list displays estimation in hours even though the process is in points
  • Error on add any entity to project in IE 10
  • 'Object doesn't support this property or method' JS error when user opens 'What`s new?' in IE8
  • Reset to default option of new lookup filters is not available in IE 8
  • Spelling mistake on Finish Iteration window
  • 66432 Bug fixes for Lookup in Quick Add
  • Attachments names are shortened and unreadable
  • 'failed to lazily initialize a collection of role:' exception in attempt to change process for project
  • Tags axis should be filtered by project context
  • Help Desk portal: changed email notification on password reset
  • 'Use HTTPS access only' option don't apply to e-mail notifications
  • 'New Run' for test plan run redirects from https to http
  • Deleted users shown in Custom reports
  • Invalid link when click on 'View Full size'

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