Targetprocess v.3.10.2

3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.2: Redesigned Projects-Teams Selector, Batch Add Comment

Redesigned Projects-Teams Selector

We expect this release to reduce the system's complexity quite a bit, as we have redesigned the projects-teams selector. Previously, your selection of projects and teams would be globally applied for all views that you opened. This caused some confusion, especially when users with different projects-teams selections collaborated on public views.

To remedy this, we've made the projects-teams selector a part of each view's settings. All users will now see views with a predefined projects-teams selection applied. This predefined selection is set by the view's owner.

You can still look at any view through any projects-teams context that you want by clicking on the selector. When you change the selection for a view, the selector will be highlighted yellow, like this:

Redesigned Projects-Teams Selector

This highlighting attracts your attention to the fact that you have changed the projects-teams selection for this view, and so you are looking at a different set of data than other users. There is a handy 'revert' option to quickly sync the view's projects and teams back to its public settings.

For more information, see our dedicated blogpost on this change, or check out the Projects-Teams Selector article in our User Guide.

Batch Add Comment

You will now be able to batch-add brief comments from the Batch Actions Panel to a group of selected items on a Board view.

batch add comment

Minor Features

  • Modified Date as lanes
  • Emojis in the Tags lane
  • Batch update of checkbox custom fields
  • Epics added to the Process Control chart, Cycle Time Distribution and Relations network diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • 'Open in new tab' doesn't work properly in Safari Version 10.0 for MacOS
  • Login page sometimes did not accept valid emails

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