Targetprocess v.3.10.6

3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.6: minor bug fixes

Improved Project and Team assignments from Person, Team, and Release views

This should have been fixed years ago. If you run dozens of Projects and Programs, then you know it's a pain to and add a new user or a cross-project release to the system and assign them to all the necessary Projects/Programs. You would have to select them one-by-one from a list that was sorted alphabetically but had no grouping by Programs.

Now it's easy - all Projects appear grouped under their Programs, so you can search for a Project and assign users/releases to all Projects in a Program straight away.

Improved Project and Team assignments from Person, Team, and Release views

Fixed Bugs

  • Follow plugin: fixed a problem where emails would not be sent if an inactive user was following the changed entity
  • Fixed audit history failures on entity views when process-independent custom fields were changed
  • Fixed a problem where the auto-complete function for tags was interfering with selection from a tags cloud
  • Fixed POP email integration plugin which skipped rules for a subject keyword that contained an apostrophe


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