Targetprocess v.3.10.9

3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.9: miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Minor features and fixed bugs

  • Fixed data losses that would occur when two or more users tried to edit an entity's Description at the same time. Minor features and fixed bugs
  • Redesigned the People selection tab for Project and Team viewsMinor features and fixed bugs. Image 2
  • Mashups: We reformulated the descriptions of mashup placeholders; they are more humane now. And, you can now save mashup code with the Cmd+S/Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut
  • Bulk Undelete for Projects and Users is now supported in REST API: api/v1/undelete/bulk  [{id:23, EntityType:'Project'},{id:24, EntityType:'Project'}]
  • Fixed data loss that would occur when one would type a Description and then close the entity's popup before saving
  • Improved the performance of Relations filtering
  • Fixed a case where the left menu would show improper view sets when Users were added/removed from Projects
  • Hide a redundant and confusing Epic -> No Feature row from Lists
  • Fixed Assignments search in Lists. You will now be able to find a User if their name not only starts with the searched keyword, but includes it in the middle
  • Fixed a prioritization error that occurred when reordering entities in an inner list of a parent entity view
  • Fixed 'No project' in the Projects and Teams Selection after a Project was deleted or became unavailable
  • Fixed a problem with renaming Boards in Firefox v.49 and v.50
  • Users will now be unable to link a Test Case to the same Test Plan more than once.

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