Targetprocess v.3.11.7: Capacity calculation and bug fixes

2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.11.7: Capacity calculation and bug fixes

Capacity calculation

From now on, you can calculate capacity for each user while planning Releases, Iterations, and Team Iterations. This will allow you to see if a user is overloaded with tasks, or if they can take on more work in this iteration.

Capacity calculation

Available capacity will be summarized across one or many projects based on:

  • Work days in a “work container” (Release/Iterations/Team Iteration)
  • Weekly available hours by user
  • User allocations, if there are any

Capacity can be calculated for User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Test Plan Runs. It also works for Initial Estimates for Features and Epics if there are no child entities. In other cases, they will be estimated by the sum of child entities’ effort.

For more details and use cases, please check the dedicated blogpost here.

Minor improvements

  • In inner lists on entity details views, completed entities are now shown at the bottom, allowing you to quickly navigate between active work items.
  • When using the Test Plans/Test Cases Quick Add form from the Tests tab, the Test Case option is now placed first and selected by default.
  • Added support for the Visual Studio 2017 add-on.

Fixed Bugs

  • Projects Work Hierarchy tab is not displayed when Epics/Features Practice is turned off
  • 'No details' at the History tab is no longer displayed if there is no info about an update
  • History: Fixed the Custom Field value display
  • Can't create a Bug for a frozen Test Case Run when the original Test Case has had some of its original steps removed
  • "Add and open” doesn’t work when using Quick Add to create a Bug from a Test Case Run view
  • Closing an image that was opened from the entity popup in an inner list will no longer close the whole entity
  • User can't delete himself from a Team (with edit team permissions) and can't create a Team Allocation (with edit project permissions)
  • Removed team synchronization for User Stories and Tasks when multiple Teams are assigned
  • TestRunImport plugin: NUnit integration issue
  • Burn down chart keeps loading instead of showing the required error message
  • Requester: in the info panel it looks like, it's possible to change the source for requester, but it's not
  • Can't edit inside the Text widget in Safari with the WYSIWYG text editor type

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