Targetprocess v.3.12.10

11 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.10: Improvements to the Metrics setup page and Visual Reports

Improvements to Metrics setup

We've added some minor but useful improvements to the Custom Formula Metrics setup page in this release:
1. A multi-line editor for formulas.
2. Autosuggestion for target Custom Field names. The system will suggest Custom Field names that exist in all selected Processes and Entity types.

Improvements to Metrics setup

Visual Reports: context selector

We have enabled the Projects/Teams context selector in the top navigation bar for Visual Reports. You will now be able to change the context of saved reports right from view mode or even on dashboards.

Visual Reports: context selector

To make your report inherit a dashboard's context, just select the “Use Projects and Teams from Dashboard” checkbox in the Settings widget menu.

Visual Reports: context selector. Image 3

Visual Reports: filters for personal Assignments

Reports will now show user data from the currently logged-in user if the applied DSL filter contains the ‘Is Me’ keyword. So, there will no longer be any need to create separate reports for each individual team member.  

Visual Reports: multiple labels

We have made it possible to add multiple fields to labels.

Visual Reports: multiple labels

Minor improvements:

  • The 'My Items' view will now be remembered and reopened if it was your last opened view
  • Added the possibility to filter cards by Entity custom field (ID# only)
  • Improved performance for filtering by tags
  • Print view will now display round avatars

Fixed bugs:

  • Date picker control behavior on Date inline edit: The date that is currently set will now be highlighted
  • Fixed slowness when exporting a large set of data to Excel from Tabular reports
  • The Board column divider will no longer move when scrolling horizontally
  • Fixed an error that would occur when copying Epics with Features to a Project with a different Process
  • Webhooks: The AuthorEmail field will no longer be empty in messages if it's specified in the template
  • It's no longer impossible to create a new related entity from the Relations tab on a large database
  • Avatars of not-responsible people are grayed out again
  • Visual Reports: Fixed incorrect ordering for dates in Color when a Periodic scale is set
  • Visual Reports: Long descriptions will no longer make charts too small on dashboards

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