Targetprocess v.3.12.11: Improvements to Visual Reports

10 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.11: Improvements to Visual Reports

Visual Reports: point markers

In this release, we've made it possible to annotate values of dimension without using label settings. So, you are now able to show the values of any dimension added to the chart. Just open the field setting pop-up, and tick the 'Show data values on the chart' checkbox.

Visual Reports: point markers

Visual Reports: new annotation in autocomplete popup

It is now possible to use a COUNT_DISTINCT function in calculations for annotations. Let's say you have a chart that shows the percentage of user allocations on a project over the last two years. If you want to calculate the maximum possible allocation for selected users, use COUNT_DISTINCT in the annotation calculation.

Minor improvement:

  • Added support for Tags collection in custom formula metrics

Fixed bugs:

  • In Lists of inactive Projects, inline edit popups for inactive Users will now be displayed correctly
  • After an entity is renamed, the updated name will be shown in copied links
  • Fixed formulas display on the Metrics page for Edge users
  • Embedded Pages will now load the correct page, even if more than one Custom Field is used by it
  • The installer will now check to make sure the .net Framework 4.6.1+ is installed
  • Numeric Custom Fields sorting on Lists will no longer be broken by Projects/Teams selection
  • Visual Reports: Fixed the display of the 'No Tags' value on chart axes and tooltips
  • Visual Reports: Fixed the positioning of axis labels when adding annotations to the date-field with a Periodic scale

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