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3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.12: Multiple Team Assignments and View Menu Improvements

With this Targetprocess update, you receive immediate access to a highly requested feature -- multiple Team assignments. Read on to learn about how managing work became just a bit easier for our Agile customers!

Multiple Team Assignments to Epics and Features

Previously in Targetprocess, it was possible to assign multiple Teams to entities only when each Team used their own Team workflow and these workflows did not intersect.

With this release, it is now possible to assign several Teams to an Epic or Feature without setting up distinct Team workflows for them.

This change impacts Epics and Features only. For other entities such as User Stories, Bugs, and others - the functionality remains the same.

Custom Sharing Transparency

We've added a count to Custom sharing. Now, you will automatically see how many people have access to a View or a Folder with the Custom sharing option.

Targetprocess Image

View Menu Improvements

We also made useful improvements for the Views Menu section.

Coming soon! Views Menu improvements will be available in your account in 1-2 weeks after the general release.

In the context menu of a View, you can now see the last visited date of the current View by another User.

This information displays only for Users with permissions to change the current View and provides clarity on whether the View is used or not. Simply update or remove Views, as necessary.

Also, we've updated icons to clearly indicate View/Folder sharing type.

Visual Reports: Past Iteration/Team Iteration Support in History Filter

In this release, we added a Past option in history reports filters. You can now easily filter out data for the past release, iteration, or team iteration.

Visual Reports: TEXT Function in Calculations

We also added the ability to convert dates and numbers into text by using the TEXT function in calculations.
Simply apply the TEXT ([expression]) function to dates and numeric expressions.

Visual Reports: Data Difference by Groups

With this update, you can see the difference in the data only for the selected group. For example, only for Open State in Cumulative. Previously, it worked for all states simultaneously.

Other Improvements:

  • Added new fields in tabular reports
  • Improved columns spacing distribution in Personal Profile > Projects & Teams tab
  • Improved responsible on units
  • Added a warning that appears when an added card does not match the View filter and won't display in a View

Fixed Bugs:

  • Contributor can now create an Impediment if not assigned to a Project
  • Fixed an autosave error
  • Fixed a formula used in the metric result preview panel
  • Disabled filters are now applied correctly on View setup
  • Fixed a possibility to add cards in Views when a Program is selected as a lane
  • Inactive Projects and Users are now denoted with gray
  • Visual Reports: fixed a sorting in Color for stacked-bar and stacked-area reports
  • Visual Reports: fixed a state rank for sources which contain assignable as a property
  • Visual Reports: fixed an error on adding annotation to date facet
  • Visual Reports: fixed an alignment and a display of multiple labels for bar and stacked-bar charts

Give these new updates a test drive and let us know what you think in the comments! Don't have a Targetprocess account yet? Try it with a free trial!

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