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1 year ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.14: Opening cards with a single click, bug fixes

Opening cards with a single click

Our users tell us that they open cards more often than select them. In this release, we’ve simplified opening cards. Now, if you want to open a card in any View across Targetprocess — just single click on it.

single click

If you need to select a card just use Ctrl + click or Cmd + click for Mac users.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs now follow their parent US when moved to another Project.
  • When a User copies a Bug linked to a Feature to the same Project, the new bug now keeps a link to the Feature.
  • If the Project name is clicked more than once, copy to project action no longer makes several unexpected copies.
  • Default terms are not applied back after Board Setup refresh when default Process isn't selected.
  • When moving a Feature to another Project, Term is used in the error message.
  • Project term is used in axis configuration in View and Set up mode.
  • A non-admin user cannot change a Project for a User Story without permission to edit the US.
  • Renaming or deleting custom field no longer breaks the View.
  • Huge numbers are now set correctly as Number custom field values.
  • On Timeline, units no longer disappear when hovering on a card with planned dates.
  • Layout of Timesheet buttons is fixed in IE11.

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