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2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.15: simplified multi-teams assignment for Features and Epics

Version 3.12.15 introduces the code required for v.3.13.0 to introduce a new entity type into the work hierarchy – Portfolio Epics. It's a level above Epics, which enables more natural Portfolio level planning and execution.

Simplified Teams Assignment for Features and Epics

If your Features and Epics are so complex that several Teams contribute to their implementation then you likely know how painful it was to assign more than one team. First, you had to go into Settings and set up different Team Workflows for each entity type, only then could you assign several teams if their workflows were matched to different states and did not intersect.

Now this case is simplified for Features, Epics, and Portfolio Epics – you may just assign multiple Teams to one card. No team workflows required.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Release names on Timelines to show properly, if they are color coded.
  • Fixed failures when reordering favorite views in the left menu.
  • Progress indicator for attachments upload is back.
  • Fixed shifted lanes of a board layout, which happened if browser zoom changed or screen resolution was 4k.
  • ‘Load more’ on History tab doesn’t throw an error any more.

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