Targetprocess v.3.12.9

1 year ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.9: API and Visual Reports improvements

Improvements to our API

Users can now reference custom fields directly by their names in API v2. For example, instead of

CustomValues["Risk"] or CustomValues.Number("Risk"), you can simply write Risk. You can use this same syntax in Metrics as well.

Custom fields can also be set directly by their names in API v1. Instead of the clumsy syntax

  CustomFields: [
    { Name: "Risk", Value: 20 }

you can simply write

  "Risk": 20

Please note that if you have several fields with the same name but a different field type for the same entity type, you will not be able to use the new syntax. If this is the case, you can still use the old format.

Visual reports: data difference popup

We have added a data difference table for Burn Up & Down reports. You will now be able to see a list of entities for which the Effort, Effort Completed, or Effort To Do values have been changed in comparison with the previous period. Added or removed entities are also listed here, in case you're creating a Burn Up report by count of records.

To open the data difference popup, just select any point on the chart and click “Data”.
If you have multi-numerics in the Y axis (with the exception of Count of Records), you will be able to switch between them in the data difference popup.

Minor improvements:

  • Increased the number of available custom fields from 60 to 100
  • The info popover about the ability to expand all cards in lists will now only be shown once per user
  • Avatars in the system are now round

Fixed Bugs:

  • Axes counts should take into account axis filter
  • Setup tab for views: when user tries to quickly setup a Board and selects card types and axes - his settings are not applied
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't open a filter and type because the focus was on the UI filter
  • Fixed drag-n-drop of lists and reports to a dashboard
  • Fixed an error message that would appear when switching between items that had times posted under different roles
  • Application will no longer hang when a user assigns people to Project and changes Team access
  • The Split Entity action on Boards will no longer be slow when accessed from Boards
  • Fixed Comet (live update) issues related to the Split Entity action
  • Sorting by ForecastEndDate will no longer break views
  • Fixed a problem where users could not edit subversion plugin profiles
  • Fixed an issue where Requests would not be created in the Email plugin because of their content type
  • Redirects to views will after an SSO login will now be successful
  • Visual Reports: fixed an error that would occur when adding a periodic date to color, then changing the grouping option
  • Visual Reports: fixed an incorrect term for Team Iterations for users with custom terms
  • Visual Reports: fixed double chart updates and record duplications in the Source Data popup
  • Visual Reports: fixed wrong color when user changes entity source in a template
  • Visual Reports: error on using aggregated and non-aggregated calculations on the same axis
  • Visual Reports: fixed an unstable error that would occur when manually adding calculations to Burn Up & Down charts
  • Visual Reports: reports will no longer auto-update on inactive tabs

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