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5 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.12: Roadmaps. Search by Projects and Teams. Visual reports. Minor improvements


We are happy to announce the Roadmaps feature. The new Roadmaps feature is a further step towards the radical transparency Targetprocess helps organizations achieve. While the Roadmaps have been designed to help users at both the team and strategic levels accomplish their goals, the greatest value is unlocked at and above the program level within an enterprise, for roles like Product or Solution Management, Epic Owner, Business Owner and LPM. Detailed information can be read in our blog.

Search by Projects and Teams

We recently added a long-awaited feature: filtering items by Projects and Teams in the Search results. In multi-Project, multi-Team environments it makes it possible to narrow the scope and find items more efficiently. It will save time for Product and Project Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts, Solution Delivery managers, QA engineers, and Support People.

To open an item from the Search results in a new tab you can now hold Ctrl/Command when clicking on the item.

Visual reports: Ability to create multiple views for the same source

In this release, we have added the ability to add different visualizations for the same data set in the same report. So you are able to create different charts and tables in one report. Also, it's easier to create the same visualizations for different categories (for example, Projects) you just need to duplicate the view and change the filter.

You can set the order views are displayed in the carousel by dragging or using the 'Move' buttons in the action menu. To set a view as primary just drag & drop it to the first position in the views carousel.

To learn more information please follow this link.

Visual reports: LAST function in calculations

We have added ability to use LAST function not only in annotations, but in calculations as well.
LAST(text expression) can be applied to text created using text functions, text fields or constants. Text functions that returns the last met value in a set.

Example: LAST([Name])

Minor improvements

- In Feature-based Capacity Planning scenarios, initial estimate of Features with multiple assigned teams is now added up to total demand for each involved team.

- Administrators will now be able to view items from Private Projects when Direct Access permissions have been granted to them.

- Drag'n'drop of multiple cards on views now won't lead to an erroneous attempt to update System custom fields.

- Detailed view can be scrolled via arrows on the keyboard.

- Warning about prioritization being off has been added to the List board. From now, when a user drags an item on lists where prioritization is disabled, a popup is displayed near the dragged item, notifying why prioritization is disabled.

Fixed bugs

- Process can now be renamed in settings.
- Long URLs in comments are no longer overlapping the right section.
- Visual Reports: negative numbers now display in intervals.
- Visual Reports: trendlines and interpolation settings are getting copied when you clone a report.

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