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3 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.3: team and releases capacity planning visualization, visual reports improvements, mark all notifications as read

Visual Reports Improvements

Visual Reports: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and GitHub apps

In this release we added the ability to visualize data from external sources. Now you may create reports with data from GitHub, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL DB inside Targetprocess.

To learn more please follow this link.

Visual Reports: Syntax Tips in Calculation Editor

We have added a hint with a short function description and example to the calculation editor. It appears when you type the function name or place the cursor inside a function. It is also possible to proceed to the full function description in the guide by clicking on ‘read about’ link.

Syntax Tips in Calculation Editor

Visual Reports: Calculation Formatting

More good news for calculations; we have added calculations auto formatting so now it will be easier to read and edit them. Formatting will be applied automatically once you save the calculation. It is also possible to apply formatting while editing the calculation by pressing 'Format' button or using shortcut CTRL+F.

calculation formatting

Visual Reports: Field Type and Title Editing

As of now you are able to edit field type and title. To open the editor you only need to click on the field in the fields catalog.

Let's try to visualize the change in population over the last 119 years. The initial dataset can be found here. As we can see, year was parsed as a number.

 Field Type and Title Editing

To convert it to date follow the steps below

Convert type number to date

Visual Reports: Relative Date Filtering

From now it will be possible to filter out data on charts from external sources to show a date period that is relative to when you open the view.

Let’s return to the chart that shows the population change over the last 119 years. Now it can be easily modified to show the population change over the last 10 years only.

relat date filtering

Notifications Feed: Mark as Read

We've introduced different options for making notifications that are not relevant for you less notable. Now notifications will be colored in grey after you:

  • Open the entity details view from the Notifications Feed
  • Click 'Mark all as read'
  • Click 'Mark as read' for a single notification

You can use the 'Mark as unread' option as well if you read the notification but still want to keep an eye on it. MarkAsRead

 Team Iteration and Release Capacity Planning

It is now possible to visualize capacity planning for Team Iterations and Releases by comparing assigned effort to the capacity limits of a time-box.

  • Set Team Capacity limits
  • Estimate Work
  • Add Work to Team Iterations
  • Stop when you run out of Capacity

plan capacity

 Other Minor Improvements

  • Portfolio Epics in Vizydrop
  • Lists and views can be sorted by a checkbox custom field
  • Sorting and filtering by a URL custom field is supported
  • Native Capacity field added for Team Iteration

Fixed Bugs

  • Visual Reports: fixed annotations on charts with horizontal bars
  • Visual Reports: reduced formula popup loading time
  • Visual Reports: fixed aggregations for dates in templates
  • Portfolio Epics are now prioritizable
  • Fixed: cards are not shown on a view where the custom field 'Targetprocess entity type' is a lane and custom unit on cards
  • Fixed infinite redirect loop, which happened in some cases, when SAML provider didn't support RelayState
  • Fixed: Non-admin users cannot convert or delete entity if it has Followers
  • Fixed copy of Portfolio Epic hierarchy to another project. Features were duplicated with a relation to a wrong Portfolio Epic
  • Fixed: Cumulative, Burn Up, & Down Reports available for Epics and Features
  • Fixed LeftJoinCountExpressions, which were a reasons of API queries failures
  • Fixed authentication token retrieval after sleep mode, which caused redirect loop to the login page
  • Mercurial plugin failed with the timeout in case of large changeset of files
  • Improved performance of Assignee's control

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