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1 year ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.4: Portfolio Epic in Notification Rules, Visual Reports improvements, bug fixing

Adding Portfolio Epic as entity type into Notification Rules

We've added a new entity type into notification settings. Now you can create the rules for Portfolio Epics and be updated directly in Targetprocess or using email.

Visual Reports improvements

Ability to add custom data sources

In this release, we have added the possibility to connect custom data sources. Now you are able to visualize data from your custom data sources and apps right inside Targetprocess.
To learn more please follow this link

SPLIT function in calculations

We have added possibility to convert text to arrays by using a SPLIT function in calculations.
The SPLIT(text field, separator) function can be applied to text only. It's a text function which returns the array of text values by splitting text field with defined delimiter.
Example: SPLIT([Names], ',')

Area annotations

Another great advancement in Targetprocess is that it’s now possible to highlight an area on a chart by using area annotations.
How it works: Let's say you have a chart that shows the distribution of Cycle Time of completed Stories. To more clearly visualize the Stories that took more time to complete than usual, you can add an area annotation such as the one shown below:

Minor improvements

  • Added new units in customize cards: Owner Name, Entity Description, Last Comment, Rich Text custom field
  • Improved Search results given by default: we've added more priority to the items having all the entered keywords in Name, Description or Comment.

Fixed Bugs

  • View Setup tab: when Release is selected it's now more noticeable
  • Buttons on entity detailed view will no longer be cut off
  • Follow notifications for Portfolio Epics will work correctly
  • Update access to Test Case Run will no longer be denied when user unlinks test case
  • Board name pop-up with encoding rules will be displayed correctly

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