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1 year ago

Update: Visual Reports improvements and a lot of enhancements

Visual reports

Ability to change update interval

In this release, we have added the possibility to increase the frequency of updating reports.  This is especially useful with reports on your dashboards! To set up an update interval please follow the steps as shown below.

Improved filters

We've also implemented some changes in filter functionality. For better visibility all filters are placed now in an editor, above the chart.  This way you do not need to leave the chart in order to see all the applied filters or add/remove new ones.

Also we have improved how filters are added. So from now there is no need to press the ‘Add’ button - your filter will be applied right after you select the value.

Filters added to any calculation from a chart can now be found in the dimension pop-up as well.

Access to Chart Data and Source Data reworked

Please do not be afraid if you don’t find the ‘Browse and filter’ button in its regular place. We have just split it and renamed the buttons to "Source data" and "Chart data". They are placed in source and chart editors accordingly.

Improvements in Lists

  • Personal Assignments pop up in Lists is replaced with more user-friendly .
  • Now when you export Lists - the .CSV contains exactly the same columns that List does. The order is also preserved. The most common types are supported– User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Features, Epics, Requests, Portfolio Epics and Time records. Time records are now exported with Custom Field values.
  • Added possibility to view and edit Company field for Requesters and Projects.

Improvements in Import

  • Epics and Features can be attached to Portfolio Epics during CSV import.
  • Added possibility to import Planned Dates, Start Date, End Date fields for multiple entities.
  • Import doesn't fail anymore when there are spaces in Entity Type name.

Fixed bugs and minor enhancements

  • Changes of Portfolio Epics are now reflected in Audit History and API query results.
  • Add Relation, Link to a parent Entity lookup selectors: full entity titles are now displayed on mouse hover.
  • Edit and Delete buttons for Comments are now displayed for Comment Owners and Administrators only.
  • Users now can unlink Requesters from Requests if they are granted with 'Edit Request' role-based permissions.

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